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F1 RC Race
Sonic Boom Racetrack, 15 Nov 2008

We were excited to race at the new Sonic Boom outdoor racing track. Fresh air and 12 racers raced from day till night! Night racing was a new experience, just like the Singapore GP.

10:00am - Pits were already full of F1 racers.

Sonic boom f1 pit.

Qualifying was a 30 minute fastest lap affair. Serious looking Oldskul, JP, Ges and Alec. Top 3 qualifiers separated by only 0.5 sec. JP TQ

F1 drivers stand.

Section 1 - AMB timing

14 F1 rc cars

Section 2 - Infield, twisty, nice battles

Fast f1 cars

Section 3 - Fast sweeping transitions

Fast f1 cars

Section 4 - The long straight, a drag race

Drag race.

Thanks to the 12 racers who had fun. Nice weather, nice day to spend an easy afternoon.

Sonic boom f1 rc racers.

Qualifying - A different track surface and an unfamiliar layout proved no hindrance to JP Reyes as he demonstrated the same form that saw him take pole in the last race. Initially setting less than stellar times in the 24-26s range, a quick pit at Lap 13 proved crucial. On fresh tires and batteries and with some minor setup changes, Reyes posted a time of 23.388s on his 19th lap. Gambling on the consistency of rubber tires and the traction potential of the new surface, Joel Mangilit posted the second fastest lap of 23.696 on his 21st lap. Similar to Reyes, Mangilit also took some time to get to grips with the new track with some laps in the 25-26s range. The third spot was secured by Raj Sajwani on his 15th lap with a time of 23.951. In what would prove to be a pivotal decision, Sajwani ran the fewest laps of the top 3 qualifiers in a bid to preserve his motor and tires for the finals. Surprise qualifiers of the day were veteran Allan Colico in 4th who also gambled on rubber tires and newcomer Kerwin Lim who posted the 5th fastest time in qualifying.

Sonic boom f1 rc racers.

Final 2’s - reverse grid handicapped TQ JP Reyes with a starting position behind Joel Mangilit and Raj Sajwani. In order to salvage the results of Final 1, Reyes had to get past the car of Sajwani and then force Mangilit into an error. Reyes was able to overtake Sajwani after the latter had a slight bobble in lap 5. However, Sajwani’s decision to pace himself in qualifying and Final 1 proved pivotal as he was able keep Reyes’ car in sight until an error by Reyes on lap 16 gave him an opening to reclaim 2nd. With a fresher motor and better tire grip, Sajwani had the faster car and held off Reyes’ challenge until the checkered flag. This all played into Mangilit’s favor as he could concentrate on just running a tidy race ahead of the 2 protagonists. After a promising 4th place finish in Final 1, Allan Colico had to retire in lap 13 due to battery failure compromising his fight for a podium spot.

Sonic boom f1 rc racers.

Officials and drivers agreed on the revision as it was clear that additional lighting was needed around some key areas of the track. Visibility was further hampered by insects congregating around the spotlight of the driver’s stand prompting Jason dela Cruz to comment on the exotic delicacy before him. The less than ideal conditions were evident in the lap times as even the top 3 racer’s pace was curtailed in the interest of safety. A clean start from JP Reyes, Joel Mangilit and Raj Sajwani kicked off the final race but by lap 2 an error from Reyes once again allowed Mangilit into the lead and Sajwani to close in right behind the rear wing of Reyes. Sajwani stayed close until an error from Reyes in lap 3 gave him enough room to claim position 2 behind Mangilit. Points-wise Mangilit was already in a commanding position. The fight was between Reyes and Sajwani for 2nd overall. Reyes had to finish behind Sajwani to keep his podium spot and Sajwani had to beat Mangilit in order to overhaul Reyes’ points tally. Neither driver would have an easy time as lighting conditions, slower cars and racing incidents particularly in the darker sections of the track conspired to challenge them over the entire 15 minute race. By the checkered flag the order was Mangilit, Sajwani and Reyes with only 2 retirements in the form of dela Cruz and Anton Ramos. The resulting points tally placed Joel Mangilit 1st Overall followed by JP Reyes in 2nd and just a point behind Reyes, Raj Sajwani in 3rd. Congratulations to the winners.

Thanks to the racers who had fun, Neil for race report and Mike Ramos for the photos.

Race results :)

F1 rc race results

F1 racing is lots of fun, see you racing with us soon!


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