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F1 Track Day
JP Raceway, 25 Oct 2008

Another fun 14 car grid. Nice to see new faces. Also nice to see world class drivers join in, napwepwersa kaming lahat to really improve our driving. Wherein before it was 30 minutes of "pacing", now it is 30 minutes of "racing!"

Racer holding the stock Mabuchi/Johnson 540 motor...

F1 track day rc car and motors

Race results :)

F1 race results

F1 RC NEWS: Qualifying Results Oct 25 2008 Track Day – Qualifying was a demonstration of skill and speed by JP Reyes and Anton Ramos both of whom set 15 sec lap times within the first 3 minutes of the 30 minute qualifying period. The rest of the field had to settle for lap times in the 16 and 17 second region, clearly outclassed by the 2 protagonist. In an attempt to oust JP Reyes from the TQ position, Anton Ramos, Ron Convento, Alfonso Ramos, Joel Mangilit and Ludwig Llanora pitted before midway into qualifying to prepare their cars to run a second stint before time expired. Near the end of qualifying, Anton Ramos could not find the speed to improve his time despite tightening his lines at every corner. Meanwhile, Ron Convento and Ludwig Llanora succeeded in sneaking past Alfonso Ramos to take 3rd and 4th positions on the grid after a spirited second stint. However, it was clear that JP Reyes and Anton Ramos both had the car and driver that mastered the track layout and conditions for that day. It would be the final races that would show if they had the reliability and consistency as well.

F1 RC NEWS: Final 1 and 2 Results Oct 25 2008 Track Day – Final 1 saw a clean start from all the racers. JP Reyes capitalized on his pole position and left the entire grid behind with Anton Ramos following close behind. But a series of mishaps took out Anton Ramos by lap 16 with a damaged axle. Meanwhile, the same set of mishaps allowed Christian Saplala to make his way to 3rd on his debut outing in an F1 car by keeping a clean and consistent line throughout the race. It was Noel Aldaba that started from 14th on the grid that made his way through traffic and accidents that claimed 2nd place for the round.

Final 2 was a reverse grid with the leader JP Reyes starting from the back and in an ironic twist Final 1 2nd placer Noel Aldaba on pole. This was unfortunate for Anton Ramos as his DNF in Final 1 required him to make it through the grid and finish on the podium if he was to have any chance of closing in with JP Reyes. However, fortune remained fickle to the young racer. After making his way to 2nd place, he was once again entangled in a race mishap by other drivers. Mirroring final 1, he had to retire by lap 16 once again. The reverse grid did not affect JP Reyes as he finished in first place once again with Noel Aldaba 2nd and Alfonso Ramos in 3rd. After a promising finish in Final 1, newcomer Christian Saplala was unable to convert his reverse grid position to another podium finish. (Rioters N.A.)

F1 RC NEWS: Final 3 and Overall Results Oct 25 2008 Track Day – Even after garnering points from his pole position and two 1st place finishes JP Reyes could not afford to relax in Final 3. With 40 points on the line for the 30 minute endurance race, a DNF on his part would open the door for all the other racers. Alfonso Ramos, Ron Conveto and Ludwig Llanora were 10, 11 and 12 points adrift respectively behind the leader. Unfortunately for the other drivers, not only did JP Reyes keep his head he also kept his form and despite a lengthy unassisted pitstop finished the race a full 6 laps ahead of second placer Ron Convento and swept the track day with a perfect 100 point total. Demonstrating the value of consistency and a record 66 second pitstop, Joel Mangilit grabbed the final podium spot despite a car that was down on horsepower. Newcomer Christian Saplala redeemed himself by finishing a respectable 4th place ahead of hard charging Noel Aldaba in 5th who was forced to make an unscheduled pit at lap 9 and another at lap 48. Alec Ladanga completed the race without a rear wing while Archie Martinez added more points to his personal tally. For Alfonso Ramos and Anton Ramos, it was a day to forget as their cars were suffering from both tire and reliability issues that ended their races early.

F1 racing is lots of fun, see you racing with us soon!


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