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Inaugural F1 Club Race
JP Raceway, 11 Oct 2008

No words can describe the spectacle of 14 (yes, 14!!!) Formula 1 cars on the grid, circulating and dicing around the track. Hopefully the pictures that some of the participants took will be able to convey the sights of the day.

14 F1 RC Drivers in the race...

14 F1 RC drivers

F1 Drivers and their rc cars...

F1 drivers and rc cars

The 14 F1 rc cars with different paint jobs...

14 F1 rc cars

Very fast and close F1 racing using stock 540 motors

Fast f1 cars

Race results :)

F1 race results

F1 racing is lots of fun, see you racing with us soon!


Fast RC Cars Online Guide
Contents: Introduction to fast rc cars. Beginner's guide to buying and racing F1 and mini rc cars. Hobby shop and track location.  

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