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F1 and Mini Radio Control Race 9 Jan 2010 in JP Raceway

This is the first F1 and mini race for 2010. And we are off to a good start, with 4 racers in the 1 hour F1 enduro race and 11 drivers in the Tamiya M-Chassis class. We also had some visitors from the USA who raced with their ABC Hobby 4wd mini.

F1 and Mini Radio Control Car Race on 9 Jan 2010

Group photo of F1 and Mini r/c car drivers in JP Raceway on 9 Jan 2010.

To start of the day was the 1 hour (yes 60 minutes, non-stop) race for Formula 1 r/c. This is mostly a race of driver endurance, pacing and strategy. Ron Convento set the early pace but was on a two stop strategy. Mark Flores had a slow start but eventually had good pace and was on a one stop strategy. Joel Mangilit was on a very slow pace also on a one stopper. Jason Dela Cruz joined the race with his F104.

In the end it was Mark Flores taking the well earned win after 60 minutes of consistent driving. Congrats Mark.


1st Mark Flores - 181 laps (fastest lap - 16.69 sec.) Tamiya F103
2nd Ron Convento - 172 laps (fastest lap of the day - 15.98 sec.) Tamiya F103
3rd Jason dela Cruz - 151 laps (fastest lap - 17.14) Tamiya F104
4th Joel Mangilit - 150 laps (fastest lap - 16.26) Tamiya F103

The mini class had 3 x 8 minute qualifiers and 3 x 8 minute mains with the best 2 mains to determine overall winner. Highlight are the beautiful scale looking mini rc bodies such as a Datsun Z, pickup truck, Toyota Corolla, BMW Mini Cooper, Suzuki Swift and Mazda Miata.

Beautiful Mini Radio Control Car Bodies

In the end it was a Tamiya M05 with Sport Tuned motor, Tamiya tires and stock Tamiya gears that claimed fastest lap of the day and overall win. And the real winners were all those who raced. It was a very light and fun atmosphere with lot's of good side-by-side close racing.

1st Joel Mangilit (fastest lap of the day - 16.274 sec.) Tamiya M05/Sport Tuned
2nd Ronchie Garcia Tamiya M05/Sport Tuned
3rd Jygs Tiangco Tamiya M05/Sport Tuned
4th Ron Convento Tamiya M05/Sport Tuned
5th Dax Dacayan Tamiya M05/13.5T Team Powers
6th Mark Flores Tamiya M05/13T Hobby Wing
7th Rey Parco Tamiya M05/Sport Tuned
8th Charles Monie  ABC?
9th Mikey Garcia Tamiya M05/Sport Tuned
10th Patrick Pabalan ABC?
11th Jason dela Cruz (DNS)

Tamiya F103 and M05 r/c cars

Above is a photo of my pit table with my Tamiya F103 Ferrari 312T and M04 Alfa Romeo rc cars.

Mini R/C Cars - Datsun Z, Pickup, Toyota Corolla, Scion

Beautiful r/c bodies (before the race). But not anymore :)

Mini Cooper, Toyota Corolla, Alfa Romeo Guilia

Video of the F1 and mini r/c car drivers.

Special thanks to Ron Convento for running a very fun and successful race and Mark Flores for his laptop. Also to JP Raceway for the great indoor track. And to the racers who continue to keep this hobby alive and growing.

F1 and Mini racing is lots of fun, see you racing with us soon!


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